Special Capital Region of Jakarta


Baseline Study for the Socioeconomic Impact of Tamadera Insurance Program in Jakarta

The Tamadera insurance program is a female-targeted multifunctional micro-endowment saving plan with integrated life insurance and critical illness coverage that was launched in October 2010. Given the pioneering nature of the program, this study is being carried out as the first stage of an impact assessment study of Tamadera. The study is conducted in Jakarta Timur and Jakarta Utara. Using quantitative and qualitative surveys, the study found that sampled household heads are generally well educated as most of them are graduates from senior high school.

Manusia Gerobak: A Study on the Tactics Adopted by Jatinegara’s Waste Collectors amid Urban Poverty

This research report focuses on the everyday life of manusia gerobak in Jatinegara. This subject matter arose due to the fact that the ways poverty was interpreted, mainly its causes, were dominated by two theoretical approaches, they being the culture of poverty and structural poverty. Both approaches greatly influence the government’s view, as well as various other elements of society, in their efforts to reduce poverty in Indonesia.

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