Quarter-Life Crisis: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Quarter-life crisis is a period of identity crisis in individual development in early adulthood or youth. However, many young people are not ready or prepared to become adults; that is, to become independent individuals with responsibilities and uncertainties about the future. Consequently, in this period, youth have concerns about the future, including work/career, relationships, and social life.

But if the quarter-life crisis can be successfully overcome, it can catalyze personal growth and development. In other words, the crisis can facilitate individuals in recognizing themselves more profoundly and prepare them for future possibilities. How, then, can we support and build youth who can overcome this crisis?

SMERU holds a talk show about the experience, research, and concrete actions to prepare youth to deal with the quarter-life crisis.

Moderator: Arif Budi Darmawan (Junior Researcher, SMERU)


  1. Rika Kumala Dewi (Senior Researcher, SMERU)  
  2. Diana Setiyawati (Director of the Center for Public Mental Health, Universitas Gadjah Mada)
  3. Leonita Dwi Agustin (Leadership Development, Tanoto Foundation)
  4. Dara Adinda Kesuma Nasution (Public Policy Activists) 


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09.30–12.00 WIB (GMT+7)
SDG Academy Indonesia Campus Central Jakarta, Zoom Webinar, and Youtube Livestream
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