Local Collaborative Innovations: Realizing Quality Basic Education

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

What are the local government education policy innovations to improve the quality of education in the decentralization era?

In the era of regional autonomy, district/city governments have the authority to manage education services for elementary and junior high schools. This means local government awareness and initiatives are essential to influence the delivery and achievement of quality education in the regions.

But the government cannot work alone. SMERU’s findings, through RISE Programme in Indonesia, suggest that collaboration among stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations, is necessary to improve the quality of basic education. Unfortunately, not all regions have these collaborative initiatives and efforts.

SMERU holds a talk show to discuss education local policy innovations, the role of local governments, collaborations with non-government actors, and the challenges. These topics will be discussed from research, practice, and policy formulation perspectives.

Moderator: Chacha Annisa (presenter tvOne)

Speakers (in presentation session): 

  1. Delbert Lim (Researcher, SMERU)
    “Dissecting the Mechanisms for the Spread of Local Educational Innovation”

  2. Sirojuddin Arif (Researcher, SMERU)
    “Developing a Demand-Driven Teacher Professional Development System in Jakarta”  

Speakers (in talkshow session): 

  1. Deni Sulistiowati Ningsih, S.Pd., M.Pd. (School Principal, SDN 02/X Parit Culum II  and Local Facilitator, Partner of the Tanoto Foundation in Kabupaten Tanjung Jabung, Jambi)
    “Collaboration of the PINTAR Penggerak Program to Improve the Quality of Local Education”

  2. Firdaus, S. Ag. M.M. (Head of Education and Culture Agency of the Kabupaten Muaro Jambi)
    "Challenges Facing Local Governments in Innovating Education Policy"

  3. Hikmat Hardono (Chairman of Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar/Indonesia Teaching Movement)
    “Stories from Indonesia Teaches: A Portrait of Basic Education in the Regions”

  4. Purwosusilo, M.Pd (Acting Head of DKI Jakarta Education Agency)
    "Jakarta Pelatihan: Efforts to Improve Teacher Quality in DKI Jakarta" 

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