Implementation of the Social Protection Programs in Indonesia during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Friday, July 17, 2020

(This webinar is only available in Indonesian)

In early 2020, the coronavirus disease or COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, including Indonesia. This pandemic triggered the implementation of policies to limit the operation of public facilities and Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in a number of regions in Indonesia to reduce the spread of the virus.

To find out the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its handling efforts, The SMERU Research Institute (SMERU) supported by Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) has conducted a Study on the Impact of the Socioeconomic Crisis Due to COVID-19 Pandemic aimed at providing input to the government and stakeholders related to handling the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. This study consisted of nine supporting studies; two of them are studies on (i) the implementation of the Cash Transfers-Village Fund, and (ii) the implementation of the PKH and the Program Sembako.

In order to enrich the discourse regarding the effectiveness of the implementation of social protection programs within the framework of mitigating the impact of a pandemic, SMERU held a webinar titled "Implementation of the Social Protection Programs in Indonesia during the COVID-19 Pandemic". This discussion was also expected to enrich the proposed policy recommendations that can be carried out by the government at the central and regional levels to increase the effectiveness of program implementation in helping the poor minimize the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

In general, this activity aimed to discuss the potentials to increase the effectiveness of the implementation and optimization of the use of social protection programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Asep Kurniawan (The SMERU Research Institute)
  2. Hastuti (The SMERU Research Institute)
  3. Dr. Ivanovich Agusta, S.P., M.Si. (Kementerian Desa, Pembangunan Daerah Tertinggal, dan Transmigrasi)
  4. Herbin Manihuruk S.E., M.Kes. (Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Pembangunan Manusia dan Kebudayaan)
09:00 - 11:30 (GMT+7)
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