Asep Kurniawan


Asep is a qualitative researcher. He was involved in studies that evaluated the implementation of government programs, including maternal and child health services in the Universal Health Care Scheme (JKN), the Temporary Direct Cash Transfer (BLSM) Program Phase I, Conditional Cash Transfer Programs (Family of Hope, or PKH; and National Program for Community Empowerment Generasi, or PNPM Generasi) in West Java, the Village Governance and Community Empowerment Study, and a study about poor women’s access to public services.

He also undertakes a study with the Research on Improving System of Education (RISE) Programme in Indonesia, where he examines the ways to improve parental involvement in children’s education in Kabupaten Kebumen.

Before joining SMERU, Asep worked for a wide range of governments and NGOs.

Village and community-driven development, governance and decentralization, poverty and inequality
Universitas Padjadjaran - B.A., international relations

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