Simplifying the Village Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJM Desa)

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

According to Law No. 6/2014 on Villages, every village has to make the village medium-term development plan (RPJM Desa). RPJM Desa essentially serves as a reference for the village government’s annual work plan and is the manifestation of the village’s being a self-governing community in determining the direction and objectives of its development. However, villages are still facing some issues in implementing RPJM Desa. The issues include (i) the contents of RPJM Desa that are too detailed, making villages unable to accommodate the dynamics of their communities’ problems later on; (ii) the villages’ inability to meet the three-month deadline for the enactment of RPJM Desa because the drafting process requires a considerably long time; and (iii) villages having never received sufficient information on the kabupaten (district)/kota (city) development plans to be harmonized with the RPJM Desa. This policy brief recommends that (i) RPJM Desa’s scope be limited to macro-level plans, (ii) the sequence of activities during the drafting process be reduced so that the deadline can be met, and (iii) the harmonization with kabupaten/kota development plans not be done in the case of RPJM Desa but the annual village government work plans (RKP Desa) instead.

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Asep Kurniawan
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Central Java
East Nusa Tenggara
Undang-Undang Desa (UU Desa)
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