The integration of technology in education has been catalyzed by school closures due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. However, significant gaps exist between stakeholders, policymakers, and practitioners with regard to technological capabilities and their knowledge of how technology may bring positive changes, e.g., help reduce teacher workload, promote differential teaching, and support efficient school management and teacher professional development.
23 October 2018

(This webinar is only available in Indonesian)

17 October 2018

(This webinar is only available in Indonesian)

11 October 2018

Indonesia needs to improve the quality of education in order to be able to compete in the increasingly globalized world, and school leadership is believed to be one of the critical points. This session explores ways to improve school leadership in Indonesian context.

8 October 2018

Despite the most recent declining trend of inequality, many things still need to be done to sustain the trend. This session highlights the importance of strengthening political will and commitment to further reduce Inequality in Indonesia.

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