Ana Rosidha Tamyis

Senior Researcher

Ana obtained her master's degree in management and business and undergraduate degree in communication science and community development—both from Bogor Agricultural Institute (now IPB University).

 As a senior researcher, Ana is primarily responsible for creating research designs, making instruments, leading the data collection, conducting data analyses, and producing research outputs. She has been involved in various studies on women and poverty, community empowerment, sustainable livelihoods, entrepreneurship, food and agriculture, as well as sanitation and clean water. Her research interests include community development, gender, and strategic management. Ana is well versed on the subject of community development. She led the "Poverty Analysis in Kabupaten Pangkep" and "Youth Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Indonesia" studies.

Ana is also the qualitative coordinator of the longitudinal study of poor women's access to public services in five thematic areas: (i) increasing access to social protection programs; (ii) improving conditions of employment and removing workplace discrimination; (iii) improving conditions for women's overseas labor migration; (iv) improving women's health and nutrition; and (v) reducing violence against women. This study was aimed at exploring the changes in poor women's access to public services by looking at two sides, namely the availability of the services and poor women's behavior in accessing those services. The study was conducted as a partnership between The SMERU Research Institute and the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment (MAMPU).

Prior to joining SMERU, Ana worked as a research executive at MARS Indonesia. In addition to social research, Ana also has experience in conducting market research using qualitative and quantitative methods.

Community development, sustainable livelihoods, gender, and strategic management
Bogor Agricultural University - M.M., management and business
Bogor Agricultural University - S.P., communication and community development

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