Developing Inclusive Labor Market Information to Optimize the Implementation of The Unemployment Benefit

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Law No. 1 of 2020 on Job Creation (Job Creation Law) states that the Unemployment Benefit (JKP) has the objective of easing the burden of laid-off workers in landing a new job and maintaining their standard of living. One of the benefits JKP offers is access to labor market information (IPK), namely the Karirhub-Sistem Informasi Ketenagakerjaan1 (Karirhub-Sisnaker), which is the national job platform provided by the Ministry of Labor. To support optimal implementation of JKP, the Ministry of Labor needs to make Karirhub-Sisnaker inclusive. That is why this policy brief recommends that the ministry:

(i) encourage micro- and small-scale enterprises (MSEs) to use Karirhub-Sisnaker by relaxing the Mandatory Company Employment Report (WLKP) policy;

(ii) synergize Karirhub-Sisnaker and the platforms developed by regional governments and the private sector;

(iii) educate employers to provide details when posting vacancies, and job seekers to routinely update their résumé in Karirhub-Sisnaker;

(iv) have a special social media account and develop interesting contents to attract job seekers to access Karirhub-Sisnaker; and

(v) add other features on Karirhub-Sisnaker, such as information about part-time job and internship opportunities, free online training videos, a counseling service, and a free interest and aptitude testing service.

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Palmira Permata Bachtiar
Luhur Bima
Alya Sabrina Aliski
Anne Shakka
Alya Sabrina Aliski
Anne Shakka
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West Java
labor market information
unemployment benefit
public employment service
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