Social Safety Nets amid the COVID-19 Crisis: What Should the Government Do Now?

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The COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia had led to the socioeconomic crisis whose impact has been felt by the entire society, particularly the bottom 40%. To handle the crisis, the government has allocated 110 trillion rupiah for the social safety net programs which include social assistance, Pre-employment Card acceleration, and electricity bill discounts. In order for these programs to accurately target all the groups hardest hit by the crisis and achieve their ultimate goal, the government should formulate the right mechanism for the targeting and disbursement of the social assistance, adjust the Pre-employment Card training to the prioritized needs, widen the target coverage and change the scheme of the electricity assistance, as well as guarantee the sustainability of the micro and small enterprises to prevent them from closing down.

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Palmira Permata Bachtiar
Athia Yumna
Luhur Bima
Hafiz Arfyanto
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the social safety net programs
Pre-employment Card
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