Children, Adolescence & Youth

July, 2021 | Ridho Al Izzati , Fauzan Kemal Musthofa
June, 2021 | Dyan Widyaningsih, Ana Rosidha Tamyis, Akhmad Ramadhan Fatah

This study aims to assess youth entrepreneurship ecosystem by emphasizing an inclusion of pictures and conditions of all regions in Indonesia.

April, 2021 | Asep Suryahadi, Michelle Andrina, Fauzan Kemal Musthofa, Rizki Fillaili, Sylvia Andriyani Kusumandari

In this study, we conducted an assessment of the socioeconomic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on households with particular focus on vulnerable groups.

April, 2021 | Michelle Andrina, Ulfah Alifia, Rezanti Putri Pramana, Akhmad Ramadhan Fatah

This baseline study will establish the initial conditions and profiles of children and households prior to the Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing (ECLT) intervention program.

April, 2021 | Rika Kumala Dewi, Dyan Widyaningsih, Ridho Al Izzati

This study is expected to provide a basis for advocacy for improving the policy environment, programs, and directions on issues related to Indonesian youth development. 

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