Background Study on Youth Development for the 2025–2029 RPJMN and 2025–2045 RPJPN


Indonesia’ vision when it celebrates its 100th anniversary of independence in 2045 is to be a sovereign, progressive, just, and prosperous nation. To realize this vision, Indonesia needs to have good-quality youth. However, the future challenges to develop the youth would not be similar as the current situation.

In 2025, we will enter a new phase of Indonesia's development plan. Identifying the current situation of youth, analyzing the past development challenges and gaps, and overcoming the future challenges should be incorporated in the next national development plan to ensure that we are able to square the burden and grasp the opportunities both for developing youth and realizing Indonesia’s vision in 2045.

The Government of Indonesia (GoI), coordinated by the Ministry of National Development Planning/Nasional Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), is now in the early stage of preparing the 2025–2029 National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) and the 2025–2045 National Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPN).

Bappenas, in collaboration with UNFPA and The SMERU Research Institute, will develop the following two background studies.

  1. Background Study on Youth Development as the reference for the draft of the 2025–2045 RPJPN, equiped with an analysis and recommendations for a better Youth Development Index (YDI) to capture the progress of Indonesia’s youth development
  2. Background Study on Youth Development as the reference for the draft of the 2025–2029 RPJMN (the first five years of the RPJPN)

These background studies will be used as the reference in drafting the 2025–2029 RPJMN and 2025–2045 RPJPN on youth development.


The main objective of this initiative is to develop background studies on youth development which will be the basis for an advocacy approach for improving policy environment and direction on issues related to youth in Indonesia’s development in 2025–2045.


We will use the qualitative approach to develop the background study documents of both RPJMN and RPJPN on youth. Data and information will be gathered through desk review, focus group discussions (FGDs), a series of in-depth interviews, and consultative meetings. Stakeholders involved in this study include the government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), academics, the private sector, and the youth with various demographic characteristics. The arrangement of interviews, FGDs, and consultative meetings will be under the coordination with Bappenas. The FGDs, interviews, and consultative meetings will be conducted either online or in person.

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