Nina Toyamah

Senior Researcher

Nina is a quantitative researcher who has worked extensively on issues of poverty, inequality, livelihood, social protection, and education. She has coordinated many studies, where she was responsible for the entirety of research activities, from the development of the design to report writing.

Nina is an expert in social protection and education analyses. She was the team leader for A Study on Teacher Absenteeism project. Findings from that study served as valuable insights on the importance of reforming teacher performance and student learning. The survey result was adopted as a benchmark for the 2015–2019 National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) in relation to teacher absenteeism.

Nina was the head of Research Department from 2015 to 2019. She supervised all ongoing research projects to ensure that they were completed within deadlines.

Prior to joining SMERU, Nina worked as a researcher on the Persepsi Daerah project, a joint initiative between the Government of Indonesia and The World Bank. She also worked at the Center for Policy and Implementation Studies (CPIS), and Amythas and Associates.

Issues of poverty, inequality, livelihood, social protection, and education
Universitas Indonesia - M.E., economics
Bogor Agricultural University - B.A., agriculture

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