Rika Kumala Dewi

Senior Researcher

Rika joined SMERU in 2010 as a junior researcher with interests in disability studies, policy analysis, and data analysis. She specializes in quantitative methodology.

Rika was involved in a study that was used as a reference for government design on youth development for the national medium-term development plan (RPJMN). Due to her significant expertise in youth studies, Rika was then appointed to lead the team assigned to develop the Youth Development Index in collaboration with Statistics Indonesia (BPS).

Rika is now working on the development of a policy brief that will be a supporting document for the formulation of the strategic plan for ministries/institutions (Renstra-KL) relevant to youth issues. She is also leading a study that will be used as the basis for the formulation of the national strategy for the development of youth entrepreneurship.

Prior to joining SMERU, Rika worked as a teaching assistant and research assistant at the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia, and econometrics training assistant at Qiyara Damayanti Artiqa Consulting.

Quantitative research in disability studies, policy analysis, and data analysis
University of Melbourne - MDS, development studies
Universitas Indonesia - S.E., economics

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