Study on the Impact of Health Insurance Program Premium Assistance for the Poor and the Underprivileged


No study specifically analyzing the impact of premium assistance for premium assistance beneficiaries (PBI) to pay their National Health Insurance (JKN) premium (PBI-JKN program) based on the latest data has been conducted so far. The existing studies generally use the 2014–2017 data. The study on the impact of premium assistance for JKN program is needed to answer questions of whether or not the objectives of JKN program for the poor and the vulnerable are attained based on the latest data. Low access to services, high out-of-pocket costs, and issues regarding the PBI distribution mechanism need an in-depth and thorough analysis using Susenas 2014–2020 and Podes 2013–2020 data. 

The study aims at discovering the attainment of the objectives of PBI-JKN assistance, which covers the following:
  1. To what extent has the health service been accessed and utilized by the poor and underprivileged after the PBI-JKN program is implemented.
  2. To what extent are the poor and the underprivileged financially protected after the PBI-JKN program is implemented.
SMERU will discuss and measure the attainment of the JKN program’s objectives, specifically in terms of the distribution of PBI to the poor and underprivileged using these methods:
  1. Assessing the improvement of the access to and utilization of health services by the poor and underprivileged after the PBI-JKN program is implemented;
  2. Calculating the out-of-pocket costs paid by PBI-JKN program participants to assess how protected the poor and underprivileged are financially after the PBI-JKN program is implemented. 
Further discussions with several stakeholders to make a more comprehensive analysis will also be held.


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