Mayang Rizky

Senior Researcher

Mayang is continuing her study at the King's College London, United Kingdom until 2026.

Mayang joined SMERU in 2012 as a quantitative junior researcher with a particular interest in development issues. She is an expert in behavioral economics.

Mayang strives to contribute to solving development problems faced by Indonesia through research. Much of Mayang’s work focuses on issues of poverty and inequality. She led the Update and Improvement of the Poverty & Livelihood Map of Indonesia project, which aimed to provide data estimation of poverty and livelihood as well as qualitative information about villages’ profiles in Indonesia derived from SMERU’s field report study.

Mayang was involved in a study that investigated the long-term effects of child poverty on labor market outcomes. Findings of the study went viral and stirred up discussions about how growing up poor in Indonesia will most likely lead to earning low income in the future. Mayang’s recent work is a project to design a tool that can map malnourished child status down to the lowest administrative level. The methodology in developing the maps as well as the maps themselves will be used as a prototype that the government will then further develop and expand to cover more districts as part of the National Strategy to Accelerate Stunting Prevention.

Prior to joining SMERU, Mayang worked as a research assistant for Demographic Institute, Universitas Indonesia, Depok.

Development issues, behavioral economics
University of Nottingham - M.Sc., behavioural economics
Universitas Indonesia - S.E, economics

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