Mapping and Profiling of Poverty at PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper’s Work Area

Poverty and Inequality Analysis

As a private company that is committed to implementing good and sustainable business principles, PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) seeks to uphold the company’s business philosophy, that is, anything that the company does has to be good for the country, society, and company. Thus, the company is also committed to improving community welfare and tackling extreme poverty around the company’s work area.

To support that commitment, SMERU proposes a comprehensive study to map and create a profile of the poverty at PT RAPP’s work area. The result of the poverty mapping and profiling will be used as a basis for formulating poverty reduction strategy and program at PT RAPP’s work area in Riau Province.


To understand the poverty at PT RAPP’s work area in Riau Province more comprehensively. This includes the distribution and profiles of the poor as well as those who are vulnerable to poverty at PT RAPP’s work area.


This study is conducted using mixed methods of quantative and qualitative through analyses of secondary data, verification of mapping results, and collection of other primary data from the field.

Analyses of secondary data are performed from the kabupaten (district) level down to the village level. Various secondary data (such as Village Potential (Podes), National Socioeconomic Survey (Susenas), Unified Database (BDT), Kabupaten/Kecamatan (Subdistricts) in Figures, and other relevant study results) will be used to identify village tipologies, basic infrastructure, socioeconomic characteristics and profile of the poor.

To complement the official poverty data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS) that only covers down to the kabupaten/kota (city) level, SMERU will use the Poverty and Livelihood Map of Indonesia data (hereinafter referred to as the SMERU Poverty Map), which was developed by SMERU and is the first poverty map of Indonesia that estimates poverty rates down to the kecamatan and village levels. The SMERU Poverty Map will be juxtaposed with the map of PT RAPP’s concession work area and partner suppliers that are spread in several kabupaten in Riau Province.

Brief field verification is performed to correct and complement information on poverty profiles, especially of villages with extreme poverty.

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