Developing a Poverty Map for Indonesia: An Initiatory Work in Three Provinces (Part III: Field Verification)

This report presents the field verification results for poverty maps of Jakarta, East Java, and East Kalimantan. The results show that the poverty maps created in this pilot study have been successful in ranking regions according to their poverty conditions, particularly at the district and subdistrict levels. At the village level, however, the presence of relatively large standard errors of the poverty rate point estimates in a significant number of villages makes it more difficult to determine with certainty the ordering of villages by poverty incidence. This implies that every poverty mapping exercise should attempt to attain the lowest possible magnitudes of standard errors. However, there is a practical limit to the effort to reduce the standard errors. Therefore, one may want to use the poverty mapping results only up to the level where the standard errors are reasonably acceptable. For this particular study, it seems that one can use the poverty mapping results down to the subdistrict level with reasonable confidence.

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Special Capital Region of Jakarta
East Java
East Kalimantan
poverty map
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