Exploratory Study on the Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program with a Child Labor Component Support in Sukabumi and Cianjur—West Java

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

In general, the aim of this study is to identify possible impacts of the Conditional Cash Transfer program (PKH) with Child Labor support component. The expected impacts are scrutinized relative to several objectives of the program, which are (i) improving students’ capability and keeping them at school; (ii) increasing students’ awareness of the importance of education and the danger of child labor; and (iii) influencing parents’ and community’s attitude toward education and child labor. In particular, the research is a preliminary study aimed at exploring the key question that could be incorporated in a more comprehensive impact study which will be carried out in the near future. In addition, the study is also aimed at exploring research methodologies to be used in a more comprehensive and representative upcoming study that combines quantitative and qualitative approaches. The study is conducted to develop a research proposal that combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies to measure and discuss the impact of the ILO’s International Program on the Elimination of Child Labour (ILO-IPEC) project in the CCT target household linked to child labor. This exploratory study uses the qualitative approach by employing techniques such as focus group discussions (FGDs) and in-depth interviews to collect information and data. This study also tests a limited number of questionnaires simply to understand the advantages and limitations of both the qualitative and quantitative instruments. In general, the study finds that the program has been implemented properly. It has improved students’ academic achievement; nevertheless, this study is unable to determine the extent to which the improvement has been achieved. The program has also been successful in increasing students’ knowledge on the importance of education and the danger of being child labor; however, the knowledge has not yet been able to be translated into actions because of the existing push and pull factors in the areas. Since the program design does not cover parents and communities, the study finds no impact on the two groups.

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West Java
Exploratory study
conditional cash transfer
child labor component
program impact
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