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August, 1999 | John Maxwell, Hudi Sartono, Hariyanti Sadaly, Joan Hardjono, Asep Suryahadi, Sudarno Sumarto, Sri Kusumastuti Rahayu, Bambang Sulaksono, Hastuti
In this issue of our newsletter we present in summary form the results of our investigations. Our field researchers have conducted a large number of interviews with workers who have lost their jobs in the formal sector of the economy as part of four case studies of industries that have been seriously affected by the crisis. We include here the key findings from that study.
July, 1999 | Joan Hardjono
The study involved a repeat survey of 455 households that were interviewed in 1997 prior to the beginning of the krismon in the context of a major highway project
July, 1999 | Sri Kusumastuti Rahayu, John Maxwell, Gillian Brown, Kamala Chandrakirana, Hariyanti Sadaly, Gadis Arivia, Dodo Juliman, Alexander Irwan, Indrasari Tjandraningsih, Elizabeth Frankenberg, Duncan Thomas, Kathleen Beegle
In this edition we focus on the gender dimension of a range of crisis-related issues.
May, 1999 | Roger D. Montgomery, Nina Toyamah, M. Sulton Mawardi, Sudarno Sumarto, Syaikhu Usman
The remainder of this newsletter will describe our methods and initial findings, and explore ways to disseminate the message that deregulation at a local level is here to stay and is beneficial.
April, 1999 | John Maxwell, Hariyanti Sadaly, Sri Kusumastuti Rahayu, Gary Swisher
In this issue of the newsletter we include a summary of a special SMERU appraisal of the preliminary stages of this program, based on investigations conducted in thirteen different locations in four provinces.

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