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October, 2009 | Budy P. Resosudarmo, Asep Suryahadi, M.P. Purnagunawan, Athia Yumna, Asri Yusrina
This paper seeks to answer whether or not rural–urban migrants “make it”, i.e. whether or not they are able to, at least, achieve a socioeconomic and health status similar to that of their nonmigrant counterparts living in the same city.
October, 2009 | Rizki Fillaili, Rachma Indah Nurbani
This fact sheet is a monitoring at the local level of the socio-economic impact of the 2009/09 global financial crisis on the livelihoods of the pottery craftsmen of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).
October, 2009 | Bambang Sulaksono, Herry Widjanarko, Arifudin , Kausar
This fact sheet is a local monitoring of the socio-economic impact of the 2008/09 global financial crisis on the livelihoods of oil palm plantation communities in Riau.
August, 2009 | Palmira Permata Bachtiar, M. Sulton Mawardi, Deswanto Marbun, Robert Endi Jaweng, Vincent Bureni
This edition will highlight findings from SMERU’s recent study on the impact of regional regulations on the business climate in Kabupaten Kupang, Kabupaten Flores Timur, and Kabupaten Timor Tengah Utara.
June, 2009 | Hastuti , Bambang Sulaksono, Akhmadi , Muhammad Syukri, Upik Sabainingrum, Ruhmaniyati , Sudarno Sumarto, Asep Suryahadi
The study aims to understand the stages in the 2007 certification implementation process, as well as the general perceptions of teachers and other relevant parties of the influence of certification on the quality of teachers and learning.

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