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October, 2002 | Lant Pritchett, Sudarno Sumarto, Asep Suryahadi
This paper draws on several recent household data sets to present four empirical findings about the targeting of these Indonesian crisis programs.
September, 2002 | Sri Kusumastuti Rahayu, Bambang Sulaksono, Sri Budiyati, Akhmadi , Vita Febriany, Sudarno Sumarto, Asep Suryahadi, Suwarto , Hariyanti Sadaly
We would like to raise the issue of industrial relations as the main topic for this edition.
July, 2002 | The SMERU Research Institute
June, 2002 | Syaikhu Usman
This paper examines both the preparations for and the initial implementation of autonomy in the regions, as well as some of the challenges which have emerged during implementation. The paper is based on research conducted in fourteen districts across eleven provinces over to the last two years.
June, 2002 | M. Sulton Mawardi, Asep Suryahadi, Wenefrida Dwi Widyanti, Sudarno Sumarto
This edition deliberately sets out to highlight poverty as an important issue which must not be allowed to become a secondary priority on our national agenda.

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