Livelihood & Community Development

April, 2021 | Ruhmaniyati , Sylvia Andriyani Kusumandari

SMERU facilitates the implementation of the research conducted by BKKBN by providing advice or input.

January, 2018 | Bambang Sulaksono, Dyan Widyaningsih, Yudi Fajar M. Wahyu, Dinar Dwi Prasetyo, Widjajanti Isdijoso, Stella Aleida Hutagalung, Fatin Nuha Astini
June, 2016 | Bambang Sulaksono, Dyan Widyaningsih, Yudi Fajar M. Wahyu, Dinar Dwi Prasetyo
June, 2016 | M. Sulton Mawardi, Ruhmaniyati , Ana Rosidha Tamyis

The study uncovered that the initial stages of PKKPM implementation went smoothly (from March- May 2015), including central-regional socialization, training of facilitators, and the formation of collectives. 

June, 2016 | Palmira Permata Bachtiar, Muhammad Syukri, Ruhmaniyati , Ulfah Alifia, Gema Satria Mayang Sedyadi, Kartawijaya , Rendy Adriyan Diningrat, Asep Kurniawan

The study will observe how the first two years of the implementation affects village governance—whether the embodiment of good governance principles (participation, transparency, and accountability) can be translated into managing the village resources in an accountable manner to benefit the general community; how various groups in the community respond to the VL implementation; and what the key contributing factors are that influence implementation (including roles of different institutions and experience with CDD/PNPM). 


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