Drafting the Regional Poverty Reduction Plan (RPKD) Document


In the last five years, the poverty rate in Kabupaten Situbondo has been predicted to increase as the result of the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and other factors, such as government policies at the central level. To keep the poverty trend in Kabupaten Situbondo on the decline each year, the Regional Poverty Reduction Plan (RPKD) as a form of synergy and effectiveness of the multiple poverty reduction programs needs to be drafted. This document functions as the guide to interpret poverty reduction policies and an effort to synchronize the vision and mission of the regional head.


RPKD is drafted to:

  1. learn about poverty condition in Kabupaten Situbondo in general, to be then mapped based on the characteristics;
  2. draft a document of development planning to reduce poverty for the next five years; and
  3. formulate annual follow-up plans to reduce poverty in Kabupaten Situbondo as the implementation and actualization of the RPKD.

The study uses mixed methods, comprising quantitative and qualitative analyses. The methods will be used to formulate comprehensive interpretation of the poverty condition in Kabupaten Situbondo, along with the accompanying characteristics.

  1. The quantitative method will be used to analyze the dynamics of economic growth in Kabupaten Situbondo; map the poverty condition, in terms of population and territory; and make economic growth projection for the next five years.
  2. The qualitative method will be used to explore the context of poverty in Kabupaten Situbondo from the socioeconomic, cultural, and political points of view.

In this study, the researchers will collect primary and secondary data. Primary data will be collected through in-depth interviews with related local government organizations (OPD) and village governments. Secondary data will be collected by conducting a review of Kabupaten Situbondo’s Regional Medium-Term Development Plan/RPJMD, RPKD, Regional Poverty Reduction Implementation Report/LP2KD, and other related documents. 

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