Nina Toyamah, Nurmala Selly Saputri, Rizki Fillaili, Arif Budi Darmawan

This research examines the health financing reform in Indonesia, with a case study of the 2014 National Health Insurance (JKN), to extract valuable insights on navigating the political economy for large-scale reforms.

Muhammad Syukri, Sri Murniati, Hening Wikan Sawiji, Lia Amelia, Dimitri Swasthika Nurshadrina, Aisyah Putri Mayangsari , Annabel Noor Asyah

This project aims to enhance the capacity of local governments to achieve a harmonious energy transition in line with the national strategy within the framework of inclusive economic development.

Asep Kurniawan, Made Anthony Iswara

This study examines policies and the accompanying cases to generate insights into interventions and capacity-building initiatives promoting digital safety and resilience among journalists, media workers, and digital rights advocates.

Ruhmaniyati , Ana Rosidha Tamyis, Wandira Larasati, Sri Murniati

SMERU assesses and evaluates the Bakti BCA programs to improve these programs.

Nila Warda, Athia Yumna, Dyan Widyaningsih, Hafiz Arfyanto, Jonathan Farez Satyadharma, Annabel Noor Asyah

This research looks especially at the extent to which social protection can be used as a policy instrument to enhance people’s adaptive capacity to deal with the new problems and issues caused by climate change.

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