Technical Assistance in the Implementation of Research Agenda for Children


This cooperation between UNICEF Indonesia and SMERU aims to improve the government and other stakeholders’ understanding of specific child issues in Indonesia.

Digital Upskilling for Indonesia

This study aims to analyze the digital landscape in Indonesia 

Rika Kumala Dewi, Dyan Widyaningsih, Ridho Al Izzati

This study is expected to provide a basis for advocacy for improving the policy environment, programs, and directions on issues related to Indonesian youth development. 

Daniel Suryadarma, Wandira Larasati

The study is expected to emphasize the improvement of vocational education outcomes and address issues related to teachers.

Niken Kusumawardhani, Daniel Suryadarma, Nurmala Selly Saputri, Rezanti Putri Pramana

This study assess the internet’s role in facilitating or challenging the transition process of previously working mothers who recently gave birth.

Hastuti , Nina Toyamah, Hafiz Arfyanto, Muhammad Adi Rahman

The study aims to understand the welfare of the elderly who live with and without social protection and the implementation of the existing social protection programs.

Mayang Rizky, Ridho Al Izzati , Veto Tyas Indrio

SMERU proposes a comprehensive study to map and create a profile of the poverty at PT RAPP’s work area


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