Research Sharing Event 2014-2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

(This webinar is in Bahasa Indonesia only)

Over the years, SMERU has expanded its research activities and strives to continuously broaden its outreach. During 2014, SMERU completed 15 research studies; seven were carried over from the previous year and eight others were started and finished in 2014. Among the important completed studies were the Development of Small Area Poverty Map—that was finalized with the launch of the “Poverty and Livelihood Map of Indonesia” (, the Teacher Absenteeism Study—that covered around 900 primary and junior secondary schools all over Indonesia, and the Study on the Impact of Inequality on Prosperity and Security—the results of which was published in early 2015 as two working papers and two policy briefs. Meanwhile, SMERU is also maintaining its focus on the monitoring and evaluation of social protection and other development programs in Indonesia, and deepening its studies on gender and children issues. In early March 2015, SMERU was conducting 11 research studies

As part of public accountability, this event aims to display all of SMERU's research from 2014 and early 2015. In particular, it is aiming to facilitate constructive policy dialog and long-term engagement with SMERU’s partners and wider stakeholders. It provides a chance for SMERU's key stakeholders to gather and learn about SMERU's recent research activities and publications, as well as to provide inputs on the direction of SMERU's future research endeavours. This event also aims to increase awareness of our research and related publications, and to provide an accessible format for new audiences.


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09:00-15:00 (GMT +7)
Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta
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The SMERU Research Institute
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