Dyan Widyaningsih


Iba joined SMERU in 2014 as a qualitative researcher. Her research interests include women empowerment, health, and Gender Equality, Disability, and Social Inclusion (GEDSI). She has been involved in two longitudinal studies, namely a study on poor women’s access to public services from 2014–2020 and a long-term monitoring and evaluation program of the Eastern Indonesia National Road Improvement Project (EINRIP) between 2014–2018.

In the last few years, Iba has also been involved in several studies on the effectivity of social protection programs in Indonesia, such as the Family of Hope Program (PKH), Smart Indonesia Program (PIP), and social assistance programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Iba is responsible for leading the study on promoting continuous updates for the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS).

Prior to joining SMERU, Iba worked as a researcher at the Akatiga Foundation and the Women Research Institute. She also worked as the volunteer development coordinator at the Indonesian Foundation for Intercultural Learning. 

Women empowerment, monitoring and evaluation using qualitative approaches
Universitas Padjadjaran - S.Sos., social anthropology

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