2018 Annual Report

Poverty and Inequality Analysis
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
Policy Research

For an independent institution which conducts research and public policy review, to be directly working with policymakers is a highly valuable opportunity. Apart from giving room to make sure that research results are used as inputs for policy formulation, collaborating with policymakers will also increase the credibility of the research institute.

Entering its 17th year, SMERU’s consistent involvement in public policymaking keeps yielding positive results. SMERU has been trusted by the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) to be involved in RPJM background studies, which lay the foundation for technocratic RPJMN documents. Throughout 2018, SMERU has participated in three background studies, namely those on youth development, inclusive economic development index, and revision to Indonesian democracy index. This participation is one of SMERU’s most concrete achievements as a policy research institute.

SMERU also keeps increasing cooperation with regional governments and expanding its outreach to them through, among others, (i) the establishment of an SDGs Center in collaboration with the provincial government and some higher education institutions in West Nusa Tenggara, (ii) Regional Development Forum (FPD) with the Provincial Government South Sulawesi, (iii) research collaboration with the Regional Government of Kabupaten (District of) Pangkajene dan Kepulauan (Pangkep) in performing an analysis and formulating policy to reduce poverty in the district, and (iv) the signing of memoranda of understanding with Kabupaten Way Kanan, Kota (City of) Yogyakarta, Kabupaten Kebumen, and Kota Bukittinggi to become teaching laboratories as an effort to improve the quality of education in those regions.

SMERU has planned to open up opportunities for research collaboration with the private sector in the future. As a first step, SMERU is exploring digital economy, a new trending research topic. We view that digital economy has potential for a significant role in poverty and inequality reduction in Indonesia. In addition, SMERU is set to develop new services, which include new research method development, event management, research dissemination, and training. These services are planned to be available by mid-2019.

Each of SMERU’s milestones is thanks to the hard work and total dedication of its entire staff. For that, I feel immensely proud and would like to extend my highest appreciation

Budhi Adrianto
Fandi Muhammad Hizbullah
Wiwin Purbaningrum
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Annual Report
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