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State of the Ecosystem for Youth Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

The study analyses the ecosystem at the national and regional levels, including case studies of the Maluku, East Kalimantan, and West Sumatra provinces, and provides recommendations to strengthen the ecosystem.
November, 2019 | Asep Kurniawan
RPJM Desa essentially serves as a reference for the village government’s annual work plan and is the manifestation of the village’s being a self-governing community in determining the direction and objectives of its development.
November, 2019 | Asep Suryahadi, Daniel Suryadarma, Widjajanti Isdijoso
The Future Trends Forum (FTF) is an annual forum that brings together key healthcare stakeholders in the region to discuss most pertinent issues that are of common concerns in healthcare system.
November, 2019 | Liza Hadiz, Budhi Adrianto, Dhania Putri Sarahtika, Gunardi Handoko, Wiwin Purbaningrum
This edition of SMERU’s newsletter disseminates research results on youth and children while focusing on a topic relatively rarely discussed by the public.
October, 2019 | Asep Kurniawan
The study in ten villages in five kabupaten (districts) shows that RPJM Desa is only drafted as a formality.
September, 2019 | Asep Kurniawan, Elza Elmira, Maudita Dwi Anbarani, Mayang Rizky, Nurmala Selly Saputri, Ridho Al Izzati , Ruhmaniyati
This study aimed to test the small area estimation (SAE) method derived from Elbers, Lanjouw, and Lanjouw (ELL) in estimating the nutritional status of children under five years of age at the village and subdistrict levels in Rokan Hulu District.

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