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State of the Ecosystem for Youth Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

The study analyses the ecosystem at the national and regional levels, including case studies of the Maluku, East Kalimantan, and West Sumatra provinces, and provides recommendations to strengthen the ecosystem.
February, 2020 | Ana Rosidha Tamyis, Akhmad Ramadhan Fatah, Dyan Widyaningsih, Fatin Nuha Astini, Gema Satria Mayang Sedyadi, Hafiz Arfyanto, Jimmy Daniel Berlianto Oley, Michelle Andrina, Muhammad Adi Rahman, Nila Warda, Veto Tyas Indrio, Nina Toyamah, Widjajanti Isdijoso
This research seeks to identify the barriers that PKH families face in achieving sustainable livelihoods and the interventions needed to strengthen their economic opportunities.
February, 2020 | Adama Bah, Samuel Bazzi, Sudarno Sumarto, Julia E. Tobias
Centralized targeting registries are increasingly used to allocate social assistance benefits in developing countries
January, 2020 | Abhijit Banerjee, Rema Hanna, Benjamin A Olken, Sudarno Sumarto
We ran a nationwide experiment in Indonesia where, in randomly selected provinces, the government added questions on flat-screen televisions and cell-phone SIM cards to the targeting census administered to 25 million households.
December, 2019 | The SMERU Research Institute
November, 2019 | Ruhmaniyati
The Village Cash for Work (PKT) policy, initiated in 2018 to overcome poverty, unemployment, and malnutrition in villages, has resulted in some problems.

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