Kinerja Qualitative Endline Study

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
Policy Research

To achieve its goal of good governance and improved public services at the kabupaten/kota (district) and service delivery unit levels, Kinerja strengthens the supply and demand sides of service delivery. This includes efforts to improve citizen participation while developing the transparency, accountability, and responsiveness of local governments to their citizens. The endline study addresses the (i) factors influencing Kinerja’s achievement, (II) the use of minimum service standards, (iii) contribution of demand-side approaches, (iv) satisfaction of service users, and (v) sustainability prospect of the Kinerja program. Across interventions, local government commitment–at the kabupaten/kota and service delivery unit (SDU) levels—is a critical determinant of Kinerja’s achievement. Local government commitment could appear as active participation in Kinerja activities, ability to allocate relevant budget, solid coordination within agencies and across agencies, and support to the demand side. Two internal factors of Kinerja that strengthen local government commitment are the provision of technical assistance and suitability of the intervention to local needs. Suitability to local needs can also be improved with customized instruments for the intervention. At the same time, external factors such as existing government policies at the kabupaten/kota, provincial, and national levels also affect the level of commitment and the political stability due to the upcoming election and personnel turnover. Another external factor is geographic remoteness of kabupaten/kota or the SDUs. Since the internal and external factors are interlinked, it is difficult to find a kabupaten/kota which stands out in all Kinerja’s packages (interventions). The sample kabupaten/kota of this qualitative research are limited and their conditions vary greatly. Hence, the study cannot generalize a conclusion on why Kinerja’s goal is achieved in one kabupaten/kota but not in others.

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Palmira Permata Bachtiar
Asri Yusrina
Luhur Bima
Research Area 
East Java
West Kalimantan
South Sulawesi
local governance
public service delivery
minimum service standard
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