Developing Integrated Social Welfare Data for DKI Jakarta Province


Institutional transformation in managing the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) at the central level is a positive development. However, at the same time, it presents a challenge to the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. The expansion of category coverage and acceleration in the DTKS determination phase at the national level require that the regional government be able to effectively conduct their own institutional transformation to ensure that data management and governance run well. In line with the findings of the study on Regional Strategic Activities No. 42 (Poverty Eradication through Integrated Social Assistance), which the Bappeda conducted in 2020, DKI Jakarta Province needs to develop DTKS that is in accordance with the regional needs and in a synergy with the national strategy.

It requires strategic planning, which includes transformations of institutions, information system, and the methodology used in determining the priority scale through the welfare rating mechanism. The agenda for developing DTKS is a strategic step as part of the effort to eradicate poverty, a program which is under the coordination of the Poverty Eradication Coordinating Team (TKPK) of DKI Jakarta Province.


The project aims at developing a grand design, a plan of action, a business process, and standard operating procedure (SOP) for developing regional DTKS.

  • Literature review of relevant studies on DTKS
  • Discussions/interviews with selected actors who understand relevant issues with the objective of developing DTKS and poverty reduction
  • Discussions with experts on DTKS and representatives of the central government

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