Toward an Inclusive Economic Development Agenda in Natural Resource-Rich Regions: A Follow-Up Study in West Kalimantan


Economic development in natural resource-rich regions is often not inclusive because the benefits from natural resources are not distributed fairly to the entire population. Although the national government has committed to achieving an inclusive and sustainable development agenda, as stated in the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN), the concept of inclusive economic growth and development is still foreign at the subnational level.

To assist regional governments in monitoring the achievement of inclusive economic development, the central government has developed the Inclusive Economic Development Index (IEDI) and disseminated it to certain regions. We expect that this project will benefit the poor and vulnerable in the two kabupaten that are rich in natural resources by mainstreaming a more inclusive economic development policy in the regions


The objective of this project is to conduct a case study of inclusive economic development policies and practices in natural resource-rich regions at the kabupaten level (two kabupaten in West Kalimantan) and provide capacity building for the kabupaten officials to adopt IEDI in their development agenda.


In this project, we will:

  1. conduct a case study of the inclusive economic development in two kabupaten in West Kalimantan;
  2. conduct capacity building through intensive discussions in two kabupaten in West Kalimantan; and
  3. update the IEDI data and calculate the projection data for 2024.

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Asep Suryahadi
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