Rezanti Putri Pramana


Rezanti is continuing her study at The University of Sydney until 2024.

Echa is a junior qualitative researcher specializing in issues of children and youth. With this capacity, she is tasked with implementing her expertise and disseminating study findings on those issues. As a young researcher, she has amassed experience beyond her specialization to fields of health and education. Her recent works, for example, include a longitudinal study on beginning teachers’ journey; a collaborative socioeconomic and biological research project on children’s and adolescents’ health; and a mixed-method research project on female employment.

Starting her career as an intern, Echa was involved in a research collaboration between SMERU and UNICEF on urban child poverty. To date, she continues to be involved in a collaborative study with UNICEF with her research focusing on children’s subjective well-being.

Qualitative research in issues of children and youth, education, and health
HELP University - B.Sc. (Hons), psychology

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