Pre-Service Teacher Professional Education (PPG)


This study is part of RISE Programme in Indonesia, a large scale, multi-country research program that seeks to understand how school systems in the developing world can overcome the learning crisis and deliver better learning for all. The study is one of the components in the Reform Area A that evaluates policies of pilot programs related to teachers and teaching, especially on improving student learning outcomes.

Law No. 14/2005 on Teacher and Lecturer has become the new standard for improving the quality of teachers and teacher candidates in Indonesia. In addition, Government Regulation No. 74/2008 on Teacher mandates teacher candidates with a bachelor’s degree (S-1 or D-4) to participate in the Pre-Service Teacher Professional Education (PPG) program to acquire the necessary competence and a teaching certificate. The Pre-Service PPG program is held at teacher training institutions (LPTK) appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

In 2017, the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (MoRTHE) established a national standard for teacher education through MoRTHE Regulation No. 55 to equalize the quality of teacher candidates produced by the LPTK. The Pre-Service PPG program held by the appointed LPTK aims at ensuring the competence and professionalism of teachers after they enrol in the one-year professional education program. In the long term, changes in teachers’ career path through the Pre-Service PPG program are also expected to improve the quality of student learning outcomes.


To examine the impact of the Pre-Service Teacher Professional Education program on the quality of teacher candidates and the contribution of the program toward the improvement of student learning.


We use a mix of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. To collect quantitative data, we use student learning assessment (SLA) and teacher assessment instruments. We also collect data on teachers, school principals, students, and parents via in-depth interviews and focus group discussions (FGD).



  1. "Selecting Teachers in Indonesia: Predicting Teacher Performance using Pre-Employment Information" Working Paper
  2. "Is the Game Worth the Candle? Examining the Effectiveness of Initial Teacher Education in Indonesia" Working Paper
  3. "Improving the Quality of Teacher Education Delivery in Indonesia" Policy Note
  4. "Updates on the Results of Pre-Service Teacher Professional Education (PPG) Programme Evaluation Study" Infographic
  5. "Teacher Career Path under the Indonesian Education System" Video

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